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Tired of the cookie-cutter social games? Dragon Friends provides a welcome break

Dragon Friends


Thousands of social games offer identical features. This makes it difficult for even the most avid casual gamer to distinguish one game from another. Developers must find a way to make their games stand out. NHN and Toast's Dragon Friends does this by offering cute graphics and heart-warming touches.

Dragon Friends lets players build their own fantasy island. The game starts several months after its destruction by the Green Witch. Each island protects itself using one or more dragons. Players acquire more dragons by breeding dragons or hatching eggs. They can buy dragons with special powers or a unique colors through the in-game store.

The graphics and music relax the player, even though the game starts out on a dark note. A player earns coins by completing various tasks on the island, including growing crops. All of these features, including using premium currency, are features found in every social game. It relies on micro transactions too heavily, but this flaw is found in many social games.].

Some of the quests in Dragon Friends are silly. The results of a few breeding quests would surprise anyone with a High School level knowledge of biology.* Because it engages the player effectively, it earns 4 out of 5 stars. The game can be found on Faceboo, the Google Play Market, and the Apple App store.

*After playing through the game a little bit more, it appears two sheep producing a tangerine was a simple translation error.