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RFID credit card risks


Got a tablet case & about $100 of equipment you ordered online?

You can obtain other people's bank and credit card information without them knowing it. And, you can use any card with a magnetic strip as a 'credit card' with the stolen information.

Sound like science fiction? Check out the video link at the end of the article to see this in action.

Readers of this column have been getting my warnings about fighting off identity theft in the tax and financial worlds for several weeks now.

My tip this week is to line your purse or wallet with aluminum foil. That will prevent the stealth chip readers from accessing the RFID chips in your cards. With some care it can be done discreetly.

If you prefer, you can purchase sleeves for the affected cards from several vendors online.

You can continue to take your chances and do nothing different. The only good news is that the RFID chips need to be closer than 6 inches to a reader for information to transfer.

Enjoy the video and be safe out there!

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