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Timexx Nasty of Drivin Rain & 'Eddie & The Cruisers II.' Lost Tapes

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Timexx Nasty as a type of Eddie, disguised as an everyday person, just as Eddie demonstrates, a person of destiny rarely ever is.


Drivin' Rain unlike any other band in the world, for sure begins just like Eddie & The Cruisers II. a practice on any forum, whether a vined over city parking lot, an abandoned building, at Pitter Bar & Grill, or the large concert hall forum. And whether a Monday, Wednesday or Friday night or even on Memorial Day, the Bonestock endemic group wants to bring an extraordinary heartbeat, and from out of the dressing room and onto the fiery stage, the band headed up by Timexx Nasty, and who wrote the already recorded song Toys for the Witches, still arise a grace of fresh air out of the horizon of a city of roses now. And just as during the film of Eddie & the Cruisers II., and even the first edition of same, as Season In Gold goes public, the promo agent prepares to do something no one ever thought of. Satin Records plans to release the secret tapes of Eddie as if he lived alive yet. "Distance. Like someone looking for something he can't have." The female artist just wants to wash away his tears and paint his portrait. But Eddie Wilson still lays low. He won't give her his real name, and at the construction site, pretends to be dead still. Meanwhile, the emergence of his fame and fortune consists somewhat as a lady in waiting of the original bend of truth and who sings, "I need somebody who I can talk to." Suddenly, his songs go to the top of the charts for the first time. And fame begins to work a fortune. Whether the real live rock singer, Timexx Nasty as a type of Eddie, disguised as an everyday person, just as Eddie demonstrates, a person of destiny rarely ever is. Eddie brings Irish Mist and a man talks about him good, unknowing. "A sweeter man you'd never find." Says the good recipient.

The painter and the musician exist to inspire the young kid to come and join the band. Each passion plays one onto another, and watching him sing, and him watching him play, he says as if to think out loud, but God knows he knows the guy is good. Some play a beat not bad, while others some season. At least the guy who asked him to join the band gets his level head on, his humble. And says, "Why don't you show me something I don't know." Practice and hard work to make the music breathe advises Eddie. And the mystery behind the lost tapes reveals a dynamic incentive behind Eddie. Both characters for the good comparison of the film critique, seem glad to help a punk rock kid get with them, hide them under cleft rocks as it were, and the experienced rocker of course owns the cutting edge. "Catch me if you can, it's been the same old story since the world began."

On approximately 6:15 p.m., a live bat flew into the past week real live practice session of the Drivin' Rain band. The boys likely considered this a sign from another heaven, or that place of hot, good sassafras. And just as the singer, Timexx Nasty pumped out the vocals for his Toys For The Witches the song, Dragula, (Rob Zombie)came to mind. These kind of angels work double-overtime and went straight on to a hellmaster supersonic metal splurge after only a few drag licks later. On a latter eve band practice of the Drivin' Rain rock and roll band, at the infamous Pitter Bar & Grill the great prophet of rock and roll heaven announced his presence as with bolt lightning speed he dove at the highly insured metal rock dance legs of one Timexx (Nasty). And as he flew back and forth, again at a rapid speed, later perched upon a concrete archway he began a solemn stare, and above Skully, Geep & Kevin he began to prophesy. He begat that the band always remember the daily renewal. And that a future success should never cloud the ego. To always be kind to your instrument of choice whether it be guitar, drums, microphone and audience of beloved fans. And, "Always remember charity." Before he parted, he hit the high key triple treble cleff note by saying as he tweeted ever sharp and always on the cutting edge, "And above all, have fun.For this is the true heart of Rock & Roll. Before he ascended, as if from that very band, and as a magnificent sign from that great Rock & Roll Heaven, he looked at them and smiled. For a moment, he looked like someone they once knew. The slight curve so familiar, almost as if to say, "I had played with you before. And now I am with you, to comfort you always." A white ghost messenger, And the endemic nature of the living alive thing shook them with heavy metal all the rest of the night long.


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