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TIME for Kids’ launches new Big Book of When

New book Big Book of When from TIME for Kids'
Courtesy of TIME

Big Book of When


Anyone who has kids most likely has been asked the why question by their child on numerous occasions. Lately my daughter has been asking me not only why, but when as well such as when did dinosaurs die, when was pizza invented, Lucky for me Time Home Entertainment Inc. just launched TIME for Kids’ new Big Book of When. The book is filled with the most important events, inventions, people, or discoveries in the past 100 or 1,000 years. The book has more than 800 facts that kids want to know!!

As my husband and I flipped though the book with our daughter, we both agreed that the Big Book of When is a fascinating new resource for younger curious readers. Kids are naturally curious but their attention span tends to be short so it’s important to present kids with products (whether it be toys or books) that are engaging yet educational. That is what I liked most about this book. It’s a beautiful hardcover book full of stunning photos, easy-to-read graphs and clear timelines to help kids answer the many questions they my have.

The book is divided into 11 exciting subjects: time, animals, communications, flight, energy, the solar system, the digital age, food, transportation, civilizations and sports. Types of questions include:

1.When did time begin?
2.When did dinosaurs die out?
3.When was the first book printed?
4.When was the TV invented?
5.When was electricity discovered?
6.When do we see shooting stars?
7.When was the first text message sent?
8.When was the first sandwich made?
9.When did people begin riding on trains?
10.When did the Maya vanish?
11.When was the first Super Bowl?
12.When did a human first travel into space?
13.When was popcorn discovered?
14.When was ice cream first eaten?

My daughter just finished pre-kindergarten and she always brought in books for her teacher to read to the class, which she welcomed. Of course she brought in the Big Book of When into school one day for her teacher to read. Her teacher loved the book. She thought the topics were great and the layout of the book made it easy to read. My thoughts exactly! For this reason, I think the book is a great resource for teachers to have in their classrooms or in school libraries.

TIME for Kids’ Big Book of When is available at and at retailers nationwide for $19.95.

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