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Tim Hicks - 5:01

Tim Hicks
Tim HicksTim Hicks

Tim Hicks - 5:01


Tim Hicks burst onto the music scene last year with his first album Throw Down. He built a legitimate following. It didn’t hurt that the iconic “Stronger Beer,” crossed boundaries and borders. 5:01, his second album, and an album that not only highlights his songwriting and spot on vocals, but proof he can hold his own and maybe even hold court over the likes of Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton.

With 8 of the tracks co-written by Hick’s, you get a front seat into his psyche, his writing chops. He also enlists some of best writers in the business in Gord Sampson, Phil Barton to lend a hand to some catchy, greasy and up tempo songs.

Leading off with “Here Comes The Thunder.” Hicks is not afraid of being labeled ‘bro.’ Don’t really think he cares, with the tight vocals, sonic direction of the production and just straight up rocking feel 5:01, gets the party started.

Not sure where the swamp is in and around St. Catherines, Ontario, but “Dust & Bones,” is as close to a swampy, greasy, New Orleans funk, rock song. With perfect guitar, all greasy like, Hicks vocals drop in and mop it up and take you on a nice little ride.

When you enlist uber pro, Dylan Altman on a song, “She Don’t Drink Whiskey Anymore,” you have a hit. The song the describes a time you cannot forget or that relationship you never thought would end.

Of course with a Hicks album you need a fun, feel good, just plain ole badass song. Well friends and neighbors let me introduce to you, “A Little Drinkalong.” With the vocal assistance of Blackjack Billy and Clayton Bellamy, the song has great lines like; here’s to Aykroyd, Candy and Short/I don’t know who’s funnier, you or Rob Ford. Well you win the world with that, and with everything that goes on in the world, songs like this keep you sane.

With time the simpletons that run Music Row in Nashville are going to give Tim Hicks his fair shake, and be much better off because of it.