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Tideline Sport redefines Crocs look

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Tideline Sport Canvas Shoe by Crocs


Last month’s article about the Crocs Tideline Sport gave you the lowdown on one of that company’s newest shoes for Summer 2014. The mix of canvas upper and Croslite footbed looked promising and prompted the coining of the word “cloafer” as its main descriptor. This hybrid shoe certainly made an impression, but was it a good one?

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As with pretty much everything made by Crocs, the Tideline Sport is a super lightweight pair of shoes. Unlike a lot of shoes made by Crocs, the Tideline Sport doesn’t have the quirky, love it or leave it looks that many people associate with the brand. As far as the Crocs look goes, the Tideline Sport appears to be something of a distant cousin.

Beyond the lightweight and decidedly un-Crocs-like look, the Tideline Sport is a surprisingly solid shoe. The Croslite portion of the shoe feels stiffer and more robust than other Crocs, sporting more of a shoe-like fit rather than the loose fit of their clogs. This is something to consider when shopping for Crocs, especially online. There’s three significantly different fits from which to choose, and the Tideline is right in the middle. People with truly wide feet might want to avoid this one.

Over the course of a month, the Tideline Sport has performed like a champ and has proven itself to be a lot tougher than you would think a closed cell foam resin and canvas shoe could be. They resisted breaking in as if they were made from leather, and still, after a month of regular use, the pair shows no signs of wear. These are the Crocs for all the people who’ve resisted Crocs all these years.

For more information about the Tideline Sport Canvas Shoe or any of the fine shoes from Crocs, click here. To get social, visit the Crocs Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.

**Full disclosure: The cloafers featured in this review were provided at no cost for editorial consideration. To think otherwise would be silly.