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"Thunderbolt And Lightfoot" Twilight Time Blu-Ray Review Starring Clint Eastwood

"Thunderbolt And Lightfoot" Twlight Time Blu-Ray Review Starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges
Courtesy of Twilight Time

"Thunderbolt And Lightfoot" Twilight Time Blu-Ray Review Starring Clint Eastwood


"Thunderbolt And Lightfoot"

Twilight Time Blu-Ray Review

Starring Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges

George Kennedy and Geoffrey Lewis

Directed By Michael Cimino

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition /Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA
1974 / Color/1Hour 55 Minutes/Rated R

After starring in the late legendary director Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western films, Clint Eastwood was riding high as an actor with hit films such as "Where Eagles Dare", "Joe Kidd" and "Kelly's Heroes" under his belt along with making a sensational directorial debut with the hit film, "Play Misty For Me". Soonafter, Eastwood was pretty much a sought after star in Hollywood and most studios would do and let him do anything he chose to do which included two more films he would direct, "Breezy" and the hit Western, "High Plains Drifter" while starring in a couple of more hit films such as "The Beguiled" and "Dirty Harry", which would be Eastwood's signature and iconic character of all-time. Following the hit sequel to "Dirty Harry", "Magnum Force", Eastwood's next project would be "Thunderbolt And Lightfoot" which would mark the debut of Director Michael Cimino, who had written a very solid script for the film, "Silent Running" starring Bruce Dern and did a rewrite on "Magnum Force", that really impressed Eastwood to the point of producing and starring in this film eventually deferring his directorial intentions to Cimino to make his debut.

The film stars Oscar Winner Eastwood as Thunderbolt, a former bank robber who with his menacing partners Red (George Kennedy, "The Eiger Sanction") and Goody (Geoffrey Lewis, "Tango & Cash) pulled off a robbery with an anti-tank gun to the tune of half a million dollars. When his angry partners come calling in Montana where he's been hiding all of this time, Thunderbolt barely escapes with the help of a young, flamboyant and wisecracking kid named Lightfoot (Oscar Winner Jeff Bridges, "Crazy Heart" in an Oscar nominated performance). Thunderbolt and Lightfoot soon team up and soon develop a bond that would lead to a partnership that would off set Red and Goody and develop another heist similar to the one they pulled off years before. The film was a hit despite a disappointing opening when it was released and it would eventually lead Cimino to do the serious Oscar winning, "The Deer Hunter" years later.

Twilight Time's Blu-Ray is a great achievement because not only does film look better upgraded on Blu-Ray, but it's a major treat especially in its' commentary track featuring Nick Redman, Julie Kirgo and screenwriter Lem Dobbs that is just as entertaining as the film is and very informative as much as their other commentaries are. It's a treat to have commentaries that are energetic and lively as these because it shows that they put alot of effort to make the disc that much accessible and the film that much special. The disc also features another solid isolated score track by Eastwood's composing partner at the time Dee Barton which was produced once again by Mike Mattesino who always does an excellent job as he's demonstrated so far with these Blu-Ray's and the film's original theatrical trailer. Also included is a great booklet with great liner notes by Kirgo that are always spot on and engaging which inself are a real treat. If she did all the liner notes for all of these films, they would be a major event all the time.

"Thunderbolt And Lightfoot" is a terrific, tough and intense film that really brings out the best in both Eastwood and Bridges that you really are rooting for them from start to finish. They're fun together and have excellent chemistry that is rarely seen in films of this type and when it's done, this is the way to do it. This is an excellent film that deserves a repeat viewing and one that is very scenic and shot beautifully by the late Frank Stanley with its' wonderful Montana locations and Cimino's lean direction. This simply a winner!