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Throwback Thursday "Nightmare on Elm Street 3"

Nightmare on Elm Street 3


In Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Heather Langenkamp is asked about her role in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. She says, “with the exception of 1 and 3 I pretty was out of it.”

Movie poster for Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Wes Craven, @wescraven

Technically this is true but as the review of Freddy’s Revenge shows, her diary was key in aiding Jesse and Lisa in fighting and surviving Freddy.

Nancy is a key factor in Dream Warriors. She is a star grad student hired on to intern at a mental hospital working with kids who are suffering from pattern nightmares. There is an underlying potential love interest between Nancy and the doctor after it is revealed that Nancy can help.

The main star is Kiersten played by Patricia Arquette in her first major film role. Freddy has picked her as his guide into the human world. He slices her up and when she wakes up; her mom believes Kiersten was slicing her wrists up into a suicide attempt.

Kiersten is checked into a hospital with several other kids and when the main doctor wants her sedated she fights. She grabs a scalpel and tries to fight them off, chanting the Freddy nursery rhyme. Nancy comes in when Kiersten stutters on 9, 10. She answers her, “Never sleep again.” She is able to take the scalpel and hug her. The doctor wonders what the rhyme about. Nancy’s response, “It’s what the kids say to keep the boogie man away.”

The kids in the hospital are the last of the Elm Street Kids which explains why Freddy set Kiersten up to look like a suicide. Nancy is pulled into Kiersten’s dream after realizing Kiersten had made her old house out of paper Mache. She is able to save Kiersten and Freddy is furious when he recognizes her.

One of the boys loves puppets and Freddy drags him out and cuts the veins so that he would fall out the window. One of the girls is allowed to stay up late to watch TV. but Freddy slams her head into the TV and electrocutes her.

Nancy is then able to convince the doctor to do group hypnosis by using Kiersten’s ability to pull the others into her dream to fight Freddy. Unfortunately, Joey the sleepwalker is lured off by Freddy disguised as the nurse he has a crush on. He is left in a coma.

They are visited by a nun by the name of Sister Mary Helena who reveals Freddy’s history to them as his mother was raped by hundreds of maniacs. She reveals that they have to destroy Freddy’s bones to get rid of him.

Nancy and Dr. Neil try to convince her dad to reveal where Freddy’s bones are revealed. They are fired for their part in group therapy that left Joey in a coma and caused one of the girls to in the belief of the hospital director to commit suicide.

Taryn, the wannabe actress pages Dr. Neil for help when Kiersten was sent to the quiet room and is afraid she was sedated. Nancy shows up to does a group therapy session to rescue Joey, the sleepwalking boy but Freddy causes them to be separated. They are picked off one by one for the most part.

Nancy’s father Donald is killed when he and Dr. Neil start laying Freddy’s bones to rest. Nancy thinks that Donald visits her to tell her about his crossing over but its really Freddy in disguise. Kiersten is able to defeat Freddy as Dr. Neil is able to throw holy water and a cross on his bones. Kiersten ends up holding a dying Nancy in her arms.

Sister Mary Helena appears at Nancy’s funeral and Dr. Neil follows to find that Sister Mary Helena is revealing that she was Amanda Krueger, Freddy’s mother.

As the movie closes Dr. Neil is sleeping with a Malaysian Dream Doll and on a shelf is the house that Kiersten had built. A light comes on revealing that Freddy is setting up for another installment. Of course Kincaid is in the next movie and since he has escaped Freddy this time around, Freddy has a score to settle.

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