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Throwback Thursday "Men In Black"

Men in Black


Looking for a bit of light hearted humor?

Will Smith at the MIB 3 premiere
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Men In Black is full of tongue in cheek comedy where the toughest thing to keep track of is the double play on words.

Such as the beginning when Tommy Lee Jones' character Agent K interrupts an INS checkpoint. The Border Patrol are trying to keep a guy from smuggling a truck full of Mexicans into the US. K interviews them and he comes to one who doesn't speak a word of Spanish. He even quips "you're pretty ugly," and the guy just laughs. K waves Border Patrol off with a snarky comment, "Go on keeping the borders safe from all of those dangerous aliens."

The story really takes off when K answers a call that a member of the NYPD chases down an alien mostly on foot. The first unitiated human to believe Detective Edwards’ story, (played by Will Smith) is Deputy Medical Examiner Laurel, (played by Linda Fiorintino.) K erases her memory and alters the memory of Edwards’ boss so he can find out what kind of weapon the alien used. K interviews Edwards in an unorthodox manner and then brings him into headquarters. Despite the fact he has attitude and the leader Zed (Rip Torn)’s opinion that he has a problem with authority he allows K to choose Edwards over the best and brightest the military has to offer.

Edwards joins him on his quest and they are on the trail of a bug, an alien assassin played by Law and Order Criminal Intent’s Vincent D’Onfrio. The assassin kills an Arcadian prince who was in care of “the galaxy,” a special source of energy.

The prince tells part of the location of the galaxy to Edwards and Laurel but K erases her memory before he can confirm what the alien had said. They spend a lot of time trying to figure it out what the prince meant until Edwards now renamed “Agent J,” looks up at a cat wearing a little jewel on its collar. They attempt to get it from the prince’s cat but the bug steals it and kidnaps Laurel.

J is able to keep the bug from getting away in his ship and is the first to realize that he would go to the ancient ones that were staged to look like props at the World’s Fair in Queens. He thinks K is crazy when he gets the bug to eat him but still tries to fight him. They think they save the world but it is really Laurel who saves the day.

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