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Through The Window review

Through The Window short family film by Peter Anthony Fields


Peter Anthony Fields is at it again with “Through The Window”, a Holme’s & Watson style children’s film about Zachary and David Kessler playing detectives in their neighborhood. This has to be a quick review, as I usually go through cast and crew, but works out since this film is also short, at a good 22 minutes, like most episodes, such as my beloved “Clone Wars”. I will say that the cast and crew are many of the same wonderful players of Fields’ Little Beth Entertainment, which has an assortment of great family/children’s films that I have seen. Contrasted to most independent films that I review, these are short films of moral substance for the family to gain something from.

Anyways, Zach is the main character, who leads the way of finding cases by casing out neighbors’ windows. Since I rarely like to spoil everything, I will say that after both kids get warned, things happen and fears mount. When fears mount, fight or flight take hold, and for detectives, fear bounces off the title like a trampoline…throwing you into the fight. Like Scooby Doo’s mystery machine….these kids must investigate to figure out what to do….after all, this is their neighborhood to protect! What’s the one thing that adults cringe at in movies like these? Its kids getting into real danger. I know this is a family film and how most of Fields’ movies run, but I still got tense. It’s time to look at my coffee’s K cup package, I suppose.

As always with his films, the acting is in a direction that I believe is purposeful and well directed. Peter Anthony Fields seems to take theater style acting and turn it into actual movie acting rather well, if I’m correct in assuming that. No cast member of his has ever bothered my critical senses when I watch his family films, so I don’t seem to mind that this isn’t an exploitation horror flick nor slasher. The thing that does disturb me is that I walk away from his films feeling good and innocently happy. Good and happy are like sunshine to my vampire…hissss. Okay…I like feeling good and happy….but that’s a secret, although you will share this review with everyone you know, right?

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Here is the final summary….The writing, shooting, and editing were smooth, and everything was bright. Sound was clear, and everything was perfect to follow. I give great props to this director for his concept-to-finish execution and pray he gets to the right people to make his visions bigger. I think that “Through The Window” could expand to become a detective web series if enough people let him know. is the main page of the production company. Damn, I feel fuzzy and good still. What’s this guy put in his films?

Best, Kenny