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'Thriller Restaurant' serves up spooky fun for all ages

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Thriller Restaurant


It’s a dark and stormy night, the power is out and the flickering flame on your candle seems to be the only source of light within your sight. Perfect weather for a ghost story, wouldn’t you say? Of course, not everyone likes ghost stories, and it also depends on the level of fear. You wouldn’t tell a child the story of an axe-toting murderer and scare them out of their skin, would you? However, this reviewer has come across an animé concoction that takes all the spice of a scary story and serves up tales enjoyable for all ages.

"Thriller Restaurant" (also known as "Kaidan Restaurant") is a Japanese animated series takes the thrill of a good ghost story and makes it slightly scary, but also enjoyable for younger generations. Every episode starts with you entering the Thriller Restaurant, a ghostly, yet sophisticated establishment for supernatural beings. Once inside, Ghastly Garcon, a ghostly waiter, introduces you to the three stories each episode is comprised of, cleverly disguised as the appetizer, the main course, and dessert.

Each episode focuses around three elementary students; Ako Ozora, Sho Komoto and Reiko Sakuma. Ako likes to enjoy the history behind the stories she hears, Sho likes to hear ghost stories, and Reiko likes to prove the science behind them. Though the series, the three friends experience supernatural phenomenon that is the basis of each individual story in the episode. Everything from possessed puppets to spiritual hauntings to even a brush with the Grim Reaper himself. Of course, that’s all in just the first episode.

The first two stories, the appetizer and main course, make up a majority of each episode, but for dessert, you get a good old fashioned ghost story where Ako, Sho, and Reiko light a circle of candles and one of them tells a story that is sure to send a chill down your spine. What makes this series easy to watch is that each episode is its' own story and does not have any connection with past or future episodes. It’s a series you don’t need to know the background with, and that can make it easier to enjoy.

Thriller Restaurant is the perfect series for those don’t like full throttle ghost stories, but still like a chill down their spine. With twenty-three episodes, there’s certainly enough to keep coming back for more. Like Garcon says, “The seasoning in each dish is slightly adjusted so that children may enjoy as well.” This series is worth taking a look and if you do, be sure to compliment your supernatural chef.