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Three restaurants not worth visiting

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Mandu, Mi Cocina, Le Mirch


It’s always good to know which restaurants are not up to par so you can save your money and dine elsewhere! Here are three such places:

MANDU: The shortage of good Korean restaurants in DC made the opening of Mandu, a traditional Korean restaurant, all the more exciting. Unfortunately, Mandu just does not do Korean food justice. Specifically: gorgeous green dumplings turn out to be bland, lovely shiraki noodles are painfully flavorless, and pickled vegetables aren’t nearly as tart or crunchy as they should be. Real Korean food is incredibly flavorful which makes this spot especially disappointing.

MI COCINA: Mi Cocina has replaced the charming M Café in Chevy Chase, which featured classic American and Italian fare, perfect for sampling while shopping. Sadly, the new Mexican restaurant does not measure up. The spinach enchilada is overly cheesy and rather tasteless, tacos are forgettable, and drinks are an epic failure, as they are sickeningly sweet and clearly made with pre-made mixes. The freshly made guacamole is the restaurant’s only redeeming factor.

LE MIRCH: This new Indian restaurants seems confused about whether it is a club or a restaurant. Based on the quality of the food, it should move towards just being a club. The music is already loud enough to qualify it as one. The cuisine is French-Indian, but in reality is just Indian. The only European influence is to reduce the spiciness of the dishes, which really is a detriment to Indian cuisine. Samosas, which are crispy, spicy Indian pastries, are soggy with under cooked potatoes, vegetarian dishes are underwhelming, due to an absence of spice and abundance of salt, and overall the food is lacking in flavor and spices.