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Three Art books from Main Enterprises

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Three Art books from Main Enterprises


Connecticut’s home-grown publisher, Main Enterprise, has a long history of publishing both ‘zines as well as comicbooks. Well, in addition to the company’s other, excellent products, the company also has published a line of very enjoyable art portfolios. Three that came out last year include Rock On: The art of Rock Baker, The David G. Hardy Sketchbook, and Under Western Skies (featuring the art of John Lambert). Each of the three books is not only presented in a different size and format, but highlights the art of three very talented artists and each presentation takes on a different format.

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Rock On: The art of Rock Baker ($9.99) spotlights the good girl art of Rock Baker. This 80-page B&W square-bound mag features not only pen-and ink illustrations of Bakers, but several pages of just pencils, a Man from U.N.C.L.E. tribute, as well as a 10-page Crissy Carrots illustrated story. Baker is a pinup enthusiast, and cheesecake cartoonist (not that there is anything wrong with that) He specializes in illustrating the female figure divine in a very alluring fashion. In adittion to his pin-up work, Baker has developed a number of strips including the period super-heroine strip Dinosaur Girl, the pulchritudinous comedy strip Betsy The Bookwriter, the western adventure strip Sadie 6 Shot,

The David G. Hardy Sketchbook is a wonderful comicbook-sized publication that is full of the wonderful illustrations of the popular artist David. G. Hardy that primarily features classic horror and film icons. The Sketch book is also in B&W and retails for $6.00. Hardy was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1955, and is a self-taught artist, who was inspired by the work of some great artists, including fellows like George Bridgeman, Andrew Loomis, and Walter Foster. After becoming intoxicated by their art, Hardy went on to understand the artform from the benefit of their learning experiences in their books on art.

Under Western Skies ($2.50 B&W) is a 12-page magazine-sized booklet that features the Western art of John Lambert, who is one of the most talented newcomers to small press in recent years who has made quite a name for himself in the pages of titles such as Comic Fan! 'Zine of Bronze, WTF!?!, ACK!, Strange Space Stories, and the award winning comic series Chase!. All three of these publications can be acquired directly from Main Enterprises from the company’s ecrater site as well as the company’s many other comics and magazines.


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