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Those Darlins, Bully, Tiger! Tiger!


Live review: Those Darlins, Bully and Tiger! Tiger! at the EARL in Atlanta, 1/17/14

Jessi of Those Darlins
John Boydston Photo

Nashville’s Those Darlins have proven that a band need not get stuck in a genre. There is no such thing as being typecast in today’s indie music scene. In fact, it’s an asset to be able to change your colors, adapt, evolve. Those Darlins have been able to keep much of their early identity (a Carter Family/Appalachian/alt-country kinda thing) while infusing some fresh indie cred into the recipe. This is a tight, great-sounding quartet that now can be called rock and roll.

Those Darlins kick off the tour promoting their third studio album, Blur the Line (Oh Wow Dang Records), featuring such tunes as “Into The Wilderness” (if you squint your eyes, it sounds a bit like a 21st century T-Rex tune). “That Man” is a slow burn of a song that turned everything slow-motion. “Optimist” and “She Blows” both revved the packed EARL into a frenzy. Basically, the entire set was terrific.

Consisting of Jessi Zazu, Nikki Kvarnes, Linwood Regensburg and Adrian Barrera, the Darlins rocked it up. Zazu and Kvarnes switch off on vocals or harmonize together, while Regensburg and Barrera chip in backing vocals, from time to time. Each is very good at what they play and it sounds like they’ve been doing it for decades. Catch Those Darlins in a venue near you: TOUR.

Nashville friends Bully were on deck and provided a killer set, with singer/guitarist Alicia Bognanno reminiscent of the Sundays or Throwing Muses, but with what seems like an unmatched musical energy. After selling out the second pressing of their 4-song Bully EP, Bognanno informed fans that the band was working on another EP before releasing a full-length record. For Bully music, go HERE.

This was some fantastic indie rock and for that reason, Bully will be accompanying Those Darlins on the first leg of the U.S. tour (Nashville’s Diarrhea Planet takes over duties after that). I think fans can agree that Nashville cannot be known solely for country music anymore.

Atlanta’s Tiger! Tiger! ripped the night open with a fierce set that left the crowd wanting more. With a punky/garagey rock, the band fired through an exhausting set, featuring songs from their latest release Cut Them Where They Bleed (Chicken Ranch Records). Singer/guitarist Buffi Aguero controls the mood and proves that girl power is alive and well. With all three bands headed up by dominating female rockers, it’s a wonder a dude can get a singing gig these days.

For Tiger! Tiger! music, click HERE.

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