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Thorny Rose Red Blend: Beauty in a glass without the prickers

Thorny Rose Red Blend
Alison Brooks

Thorny Rose Red Blend


It's been a long week, especially living in the DMV with the lovely humidity, rain and downright steaminess. Friday night, going out seems to be the last thing on your list of things to do. Ordering a pizza and cracking open a bottle of wine sounds like the perfect Friday night in.

Sometimes opening a really complex bottle of fine wine that requires some dissecting and exploring is fun and just what the doctor ordered. Then there are Friday nights when opening an easy sipping wine is really all that is appealing. Everyone has those days, that is why having certain wines on hand is important.

A recent find at Costco: Thorny Rose Red Blend from Columbia Valley. No corkscrew needed, as this bottle is a screw top. (Side note: screw tops are becoming much more common on all types of wine and price ranges.) Once the wine is poured let it sit for a few minutes in the glass to breathe a bit. On the nose black cherry lingers, while juicy raspberry touches the palate. Cocoa and vanilla blend together to make a wonderful finish. Not a terribly long finish, but long enough to make you want to pour more in your glass.

The perfect wind down Friday night wine to sip on by itself or have with a slice of pizza. Prices may vary, however, never above $10! Wallet and palate friendly!

Harris Teeter
Costco - Regular price $9 Sale price currently $7.49