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'Thor' and the Dark Elves

The sequel to "Thor" released on Tuesday, Feb.25, is available for purchase, viewing and download across all media platforms.

"Thor:The Dark World" movie review


Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is responsible for cleaning up the mess his brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) made while trying to retain order within the nine realms before he’s able to ascend the throne and replace his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins).

Before his coronation, Thor must deal with another foe, the Dark Elves, a race lost to time and war, led by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston).

As in the first "Thor" film, the movie opens with an epic battle and provide the back story between the Asgardians and the Dark Elves who want to take over the universe with a weapon known as the Aether before the film resumes in present time.

While Thor is protecting the realms from all adversaries with his Asgardian band of warriors from the first film, his love on Earth, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) attempts to move on with her life and her research in astrophysics.

Helping Jane in England is Darcy (Kat Denning) and the traumatic Doctor Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård), a man unstable after the incidents of New York.

Jane finds the Aether and becomes entrenched in it which compels Thor to take her to his home planet to protect her from Malekith. The two star-crossed lovers from different worlds reunite just as the nine realms align in the rare event known as the Convergence.

She along with the audience is introduced to the world that is Asgard with its advance in science and technology but at the same time retains the Viking nostalgia.

With the Aether on Asgard, Malekith along with the Dark Elves, carry out an assault against the city led by the unstoppable force bequeathed the name of Kurse (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). They must retain possession of the weapon, so they can avenge their failed attempt of taking over the worlds when Convergence nears.

The final showdown on Earth between Thor and Malekith infuses the storyline of the Aether and the Convergences as an inter-dimensional battle during the hectic moment when all worlds are aligned as one.

The destruction of the city and the casualty upon a impenetrable city leaves its king madden as he decrees lockdown, Jane under surveillance as he prepares for the next assault from the dark elves.

Thor must defy his father’s commands in order to spare the city and its people. With his entourage and the assistance of the watchful eye of the city’s protector, Heimdall (Idris Elba), guarding the bifrost, a launching pad into different realms.

But he needs the assistnce of Loki, who is confined in the prison with the universe’s most wanted, to find a way to escape Asgard and enter the world of the dark elves to stop Malekith’s plan.

The film retains elements of a Shakespearian family drama with a father who has become senile and lets his emotion get the best of him. The queen, Frigga, (Rene Russo) this time around serving more than just as a monarch mother figure.

But the relationship between the good son, Thor and the bad son, Loki, is what compels the franchise and the audience into the film. Seeing these immortal brothers argue and bicker show them more as human than the almighty.

The franchise has to question how long it can continue their relationship and dependency upon one another to carry the franchise because when they are seperated in the movie the film loses its essential element.

Mr. Hiddleston has the role of Loki within his grasp just like his ability to manipulate others with his old tricks, cleverly used in one moment of the film, that confounds as the audience awaits to see whether or not he will betray his brother, his family and Asgard for his obesession for power and regality.

The film focuses on the maturity of the next-in-like king Thor from his youthful aggression before he has to make the decision of whether or not he wants to be king or if he yearns for this love with Jane and to protect those within the nine realms.

Classification: Redbox Blu-Ray Release

Movie Grade: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The world of Asgard is look at in-depth from the walls within the society to more information of its inhabitants and world, but the focus is upon the king-in-line Thor and his brother, Loki, who he has to depend upon to save the universe against the dark elves led by Malekith

Blu-Ray Grade: 5 out of 5 stars:

  • Marvel One-Shot: “All Hail the King”
  • Featurette: “A Brother’s Journey”
  • Exclusive Look – “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”
  • Deleted scenes with commentary from Director Alan Taylor, scoring the film and gag reel.
  • Audio commentary featuring Alan Taylor, Producer Kevin Feige, Tom Hiddlestone and Cinematographer Kramer Moregenthau.

The rental features plenty from previewing the next marvel hero on the big screen, Captain America, to Ben Kingsley reprising his role from “Iron Man 3.” The featurette examines the progression of the “Thor” series including screen tests.

Rating: PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content.

Timing: 1 Hour, 58 Minutes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

  • Director: Alan Taylor
  • Screenplay: Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely
    Story: Don Payne & Robert Rodat
    Comic Book: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby
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