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This pre-wedding getaway lives up to its name in ‘Death Do Us Part’

Death Do Us Part


The most popular horror sub-genre has always been the slasher flick. Nowadays it is more about how clever they deliver the film and the originality of the killer itself than anything else. The latest, Death Do Us Part looks to pack the normal formula, but does it have the gore or twists needed to set it apart or will it be the end of this holy matrimony?

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Anchor Bay

Death Do Us Part follows a young couple a week away from their wedding who have yet to celebrate their bachelor/bachelorette parties. To solve this dilemma the best man books a cabin in the woods to throw a stag party they will never forget, but when things take a horrifying turn this celebration becomes a bloody nightmare but who is behind it all and does this mean the wedding is off? The first half of this film is mostly build up and feels more like a relationship situation drama of sorts than a horror film. This build up is intended to set up the direction it eventually heads, but never steps to far out of the by the numbers pattern of the genre. Once things start to pick up it never really takes any kind of scary or gory route, but instead tries out the mystery killer twist. They do a decent job of keeping you guessing and with every obvious choice quickly thrown a curveball. There isn’t all that much blood fun that the gore hounds would hope for, but for the direction of this film it wasn’t as necessary. There are a couple of twists and turns that makes for a decent ending, but it never really pushed the boundaries to set itself apart.

There is an interesting twist to the ending and will no doubt resonate with some fans. The performances were decent enough, but nothing that really stands out. This is one of those slasher-esque films that is more of a mystery thriller than a full on horror, but is worth a rental.