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This movie teaches Preppers valuable lessons about the Great Depression

This DVD has original movie footage and photos of the people and events of the great depression.
This DVD has original movie footage and photos of the people and events of the great depression.
Dan Vale

The Great Depression


For those who believe that history repeats itself, learning about The Great Depression is a chance to learn from the lessons of history. Learning by watching this 2009 movie during its 200 minute length, however, is a more emotional experience than just reading about The Great Depression.

This movie has original film footage and photos of Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt, as well as other footage and photos of many events that took place during The Great Depression. Some of the depicted events were:

  1. People waiting in soup lines.
  2. Out of work professional men selling apples on the streets.
  3. Federal agents enforcing prohibition by breaking open kegs of alcohol.
  4. Conservation Corps enlistees at work.
  5. Men walking with billboards that had messages on them stating that the unemployed men would take any job.
  6. Western prairie farming families fleeing the dust bowl.
  7. The residents of Harlem rioting in 1935.
  8. Banks runs.
  9. The march of WWI veterans to Washington, D.C. to demand their war-time bonuses.
  10. Hobos riding the rails in search of work.

In 1932, 1 of 4 Americans was out of work. Americans were bewildered, frightened, and in shock. They had lost jobs, homes, and life savings. Some had gone from being well off to being hobos.

This movie shows how, despite all of these challenges, there were ways by which Americans of this era were able to survive. One such way was by using the comedy and adventure productions of radio to laugh or briefly escape from their troubles.

Another way they survived was by moving to where they could find work. One example of this was the prairie families who migrated to California where they hoped to find work harvesting crops. Another example was the hobos who rode the rails to move to where they could find jobs harvesting crops.

Still another way Americans survived the challenges of this era was by their career flexibility.

The short length of this review does not permit a more complete description of ways in which this movie can help preppers to develop the grit and adaptability to meet possible challenges in the future.

Even if another depression as bad as The Great Depression never occurs, former president Harry Truman once wisely said, “It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.

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