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This movie is nowhere close to the 'Best Night Ever'

Best Night Ever


Sometimes when you see a movie premise on paper it just seems like sure fire cinematic gold, and then when you see it in practice the results end up being the exact polar opposite. "Best Night Ever" seems like comedy gold but quickly goes for lowest common denominator with tired set-ups, over long sequences and nothing that is all that funny.

No it really isn't...

Bride-to-be Claire (Desiree Hall), her sister Leslie (Samantha Colburn), fun-loving Zoe (Eddie Ritchard), and quirky new friend Janet (Crista Flanagan) set off to Las Vegas for a one-night bachelorette party that turns out to be more than they bargained for. A series of unexpected adventures including, getting kicked out of a strip club, being mugged and getting pummeled by the Las Vegas’ reigning gelatin-wrestling champion, Veronica, rip them from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip and places them smack dab in Vegas’ seedy underbelly. Determined to keep their bachelorette party dreams alive, the girls band together and embark on the wildest night in bachelorette party history. Fueled by sex and booze, this raunchy, riotously hilarious, out-of-control, blow-out is, for better or worse, all caught on tape.

Wall to wall with bad jokes, lame puns and moments that are as uncomfortable as they are offensive, "Best Night Ever" feels like the result of a jock laden male fraternity trying their hardest to write something that only they think is funny. This film truly is the epitome of a missed opportunity.

From the writers and directors of "Date Movie", "Disaster Movie" and "Meet The Spartans" (If that wasn't enough of a warning), this found footage comedy starts off with some genuine promise as we get to know the characters and are going to be a fly on the wall as we watch these four ladies kick back and have a little fun. However from very early on, it feels like as a form of punishment as the night only gets worse and worse after their arrival in Las Vegas, this movie actually wants to punish these ladies for daring to have any fun.

Going for shock and awe, rather than wit and humor we have to suffer through a variety of scenarios, some that have almost been copied and pasted from other movies while others are actually so offensive that I hate to even think of them, not only because they are grossly offensive, but more importantly they are just illogical and stupid. This film hinges on plot points that just make little to no sense and it's so very unfortunate.

In this film, women aren't allowed to have fun, men are only debaucherous pigs and taking a bunch of drugs and committing a bunch of felonies is the only way to have any fun. This isn't even a spoof, it's a mockery of comedy as it actively tries to make the entire thing as unfunny as possible, which is somewhat unfortunate since this ensemble actually shows flashes of potential.

I can't say that Desiree Hall, Samantha Colburn, Eddie Ritchard and Crista Flanagan didn't generate the occasional laugh as the time they all spent together obviously built up a natural chemistry, but the material just didn't do them any favors. We get some genuinely amusing bits from time to time, but they are either mishandled or the script tries to get blood from a stone and forces something that isn't even the least bit entertaining.

This movie could have been so much fun, instead "Best Night Ever" aimed for the lowest common denominator...and it didn't even hit that. With any luck this film will serve as the perfect idea of how to screw up a perfectly good idea and premise, because more often than not, a movie can't survive on premise alone.

1 out of 5 stars.

Special features on this DVD include deleted scenes, interviews with the stars, a behind the scenes featurette and the theatrical trailer.

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