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This medical manual should be in every prepper’s personal library

This valuable resource is available at many public libraries.
This valuable resource is available at many public libraries.
Dan Vale

The Second Home Edition of the Merck Manual


The Merck Manual has been a reference for doctors and nurses and has been published for more than 100 years. As of 2003, however, this same information has been made available to the general public through the Second Home Edition of the Merck Manual.

This national bestseller has contributions from nearly 200 internationally respected medical experts. It is, however:

  1. Written in easy-to-understand language.
  2. Illustrated with many drawings.
  3. Available in two print size editions.
  4. Available in Spanish.

This is not the type of manual that is meant to be read from cover to cover, but rather is meant to be used as a reference. There is an incredible amount of medical information in the 1,907 pages of this manual. This medical information explains disease causes, symptoms, diagnoses, prevention, and treatment. This medical information, however, is easily accessed because of cross-referencing and a 138 page index of over 11,000 entries. This manual covers more topics in more detail than any other home medical book. Furthermore, because Merck sells these manuals on a non-profit basis, they cost about one fifth what other medical books their size would cost.

The helpful appendixes of this medical book include:

  1. Weights and measures.
  2. Common medical tests.
  3. Generic and trade names of drugs.
  4. Resources for help and information.

During normal times, many people rely upon the internet for their medical information. The information on the internet, however, is harder to find and not always the best quality information. Also, during power blackouts, a hard copy of the Merck Manual should be available as the go to medical reference manual for preppers.

During normal times, this manual can help lay people to communicate better with their doctors and to participate more effectively in their medical treatment. During times when medical help is not immediately available, however, this manual has even more of a potential to save lives.

Have any of you preppers ever used this manual? What are your feelings about it? Please comment below.

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