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This may not be the dream date he hoped for in ‘Lucky Bastard’

Lucky Bastard


The horror genre is one of the most unique of all film categories as it showcases a wide variety of styles and content. Some horror is not about the scares or the gore, but instead about some of the real life elements that make it scary. The latest, Lucky Bastard, takes on the found footage genre and meshes it with the porn and reality world in an attempt to create something original, but does it manage to get off the money shot or will it fall limp?

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Lucky Bastard follows a porn website that invites fans to have sex with porn stars. An eager young fan is given a chance to have sex with one of their top stars, but everyone gets more than they bargained for in the seemingly mild-mannered fan when they make fun of him and ends with gruesome results. While it is sort of being billed as a horror film its not one in the traditional sense, but more of a thriller. The found footage thing is clearly here to stay despite most feeling it has run its course, but a film like this uses it in a smart way to bring something different to the genre. The use of the porn industry and reality entertainment as the back drop is a smart one for the obvious reason of the guaranteed clichéd nudity, but more importantly the fact that unless you are in the industry is one that most know little about. There are numerous situations that if you think about it in both of these industries that open themselves up to some crazy outcomes. The first half of this film is played up as the reality show aspect with everyone doing a decent job at keeping it feeling like real life as opposed to actors. After things don’t go quite as planned, things get a bit out of control, but never quite too far over the top. There is obviously a low budget nature to this production, but thanks to some smart camera work and editing it comes off well and believeable in what they were trying to pull off. The use of the CGI for the gun shots was a bit cheesy but that might have come down to the budget issues and in no way hurts the overall film.

This is a smart use of the found footage genre and provides a creepy situation that could no doubt happen if it hasn’t already. Big props to actress Besty Rue who does a great job in the role, but for anyone that has to spend that much time nude and still carries the confidence she does it something to be respected. This isn’t a film for everyone, but was a nice surprise of originality and something fresh to a genre that has been limping along over the last few years.

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