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This couple is getting more than their personal life recorded in 'Sx_Tape'



Despite the found footage genre looking to struggle now and then it still manages to keep delivering a new film of some kind all the time. The most popular genre that has latched onto it is horror. The latest, Sx_Tape looks to bring the sexy back with a horror twist, but will it be up to the task or will it be a tape that no one should see?

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Sx_Tape follows a young couple, one an artist and the other a filmmaker whose relationship is out there with no experience too wild or dangerous. While exploring an abandoned hospital she lets him strap her to a gurney, but he shouldn’t have left her alone as something as awakened with a lust for more than flesh. The first half of this film is actually pretty entertaining watching this couple run around doing crazy things. It’s not ground breaking filmmaking or anything, but still manages to entertain all while setting up the characters themselves. Once it gets into the hospital it remains fun but starts to lose some steam when they bring in the other characters. They attempt to use them to add more physical and emotional depth to the story, but instead starts to take on every clichéd horror aspect in the genre. It stumbles around for a while losing steam, but eventually finds its footing again and gets back on track. The story is a bit all over the place at times, but some of the directions it goes at the end makes up for some of its shortcomings.

There is a strange choice with the opening of the film setting up that something happened, but at the end doesn’t go back to that and instead implies it. This makes it feel like something is missing from the end of the movie, but in reality it is just hoping that you just by in to it. Make no mistake it doesn’t hurt the film in the end it just feels like something is missing. Horror fans are a strange bunch with every film grabbing people differently so check it out and decide for yourself when it hits stores on July 15th.