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This audition may be your last in Do You Like My Basement

Do you Like My Basement


The found footage genre shows no sign of slowing down and seems to really have found its foothold in the horror industry. There are a few that really work, but of course plenty more that don’t. The latest Do You Like My Basment, sports an insanely great title and leaves so much to the imagination but does it deliver the goods?

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Virgil Films

Do You Like My Basement follows one man whose creative frustration bore a need to make the perfect horror film. His frustration provoked a darker side and soon cunning, guile, devilish charm and a sociopath's streak compelled him to produce a home-made magnum opus. A film that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, that demands the attention of the very world that spurned him. At first this film felt like it was just going to be another rehash of the same old thing, but as it slowly moves forward it takes some really creepy turns. There are so many things here that will have you first thinking these people are just stupid and this would never happen, but the more you think about it you realize this is the exact simplistic non-thinking attitudes that get people into these situations. The film is never overly gory, which is usually needed for a story like this to work, but instead it relies on the sheer disturbing nature of it all and ends up delivering a good film. In addition the main ‘killer’ sports a look that is creepy and intelligently underused as well as the perfect voice to make it all work.

Sure this film is obviously low budget, but thanks to some clever storytelling and a unique direction it not only makes sense for the camera work throughout the whole film, but it looks and feel exactly the way it should to make it feel real. This film may not be breaking any new ground, but it sure did dust it up enough to stand out on its own as a good entry into the genre.