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Third time's still a charm

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I’ve never been much of a fan of Drew Barrymore. But I really liked the two films she made with Adam Sandler. Apparently, so did most people which is why they’ve teamed up for a third film together. It’s been 10 years since their last collaboration, and the chemistry is still there. Now that they’re both older, they play single parents to multiple kids. Sandler’s character is a widower and Barrymore’s character is divorced to a bad husband who cheated.

The two of them are set up on a blind date that goes horribly wrong. So they plan to never see each other again. But since they know the same people who are unable to attend their booked vacation to Africa, they both wind up there with their children and must share the same suite together. The premise is a bit of a stretch to set up a funny story about two people who originally dislike each other but become closer through a forced situation. That’s why if it were other actors instead it may have not worked at all. But Sandler and Barrymore make it work. It’s not all about them either. Their kids have funny storylines too, along with other people they encounter on the trip. And athlete-turned-actor Terry Crews is pretty much the funniest thing in the whole movie, consistently stealing scenes whenever he pops up.

The African setting makes for some unique jokes as well. And the resort they stay at made me want to head over to whatever part of South Africa they were actually in. The exotic locale in general provides an entertaining atmosphere filled with safari rides and other cultural customs to enjoy. I didn’t know if this movie would measure up to the previous Sandler/Barrymore films, but it does and was a pleasant surprise. It opens this Friday, May 23. Most people will be rushing out to see yet another superhero film being released the same day but I recommend seeing this instead.