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Think the Way God Does is not a new idea

"Think the Way God Does" is a daily devotional book.
"Think the Way God Does" is a daily devotional book.
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“Think the Way God Does” by Stacy Y. Whyte


“Think the Way God Does” by Stacy Y. Whyte is a daily devotion about changing your thinking patterns.

The first devotion is pretty good. “Everybody wants success, and it’s great to have it—but make sure your emphasis is not on material gains. God wants your soul to be prosperous, not spiritually bankrupt…..Your soul is more important to God than your money, your accolades, or your career.”

After that, it is pretty much the same message preached by televangelists like Joel Osteen, Robert Schuller and Robert Tilton. “Maybe you’ll get the next million dollar idea.” That’s not what I was expecting, nor wanting to hear. Not everyone wants to be a millionaire. I don’t. I’ve tried being friends with doctor’s wives, and I much prefer the company of plumbers and policemen.

I think there is more than one way to be successful in this world.

  • Be a better parent to your children than your parents were to you.
  • By the time you die, one thousand people will be grateful you were here.
  • When you go to bed at night, you can say “I helped someone today.”
  • Be a positive influence that helps bring out the best in other people.
  • Leave the world a little better off than when you came into it.

None of those ideas are in there. If the book had addressed all the different definitions of success as far as your soul is concerned, I would have enjoyed it much better.

The other thing it lacked was a definition of a goal. If your goal isn’t succeeding, then maybe your goal isn’t God’s goal for you. God’s goal is known as a “calling”, and you don’t have to be a preacher to get one. Maybe your calling is to be a taxi driver. If God puts that calling into your heart, answer His will by finding a way to make your customers happy, uplifted and well-tended. That will make you the most successful taxi driver at the airport because you’ll be able to go to bed saying “I helped someone.”

The devotions are the standard length for a magazine such as “Moments With God” or “The Upper Room.” Unlike those publications, these devotions do not include a personal insight from the author. They are just platitudes like “you should never cheat on your lover.”

Usually, when people buy a book of devotions, they expect something a little longer and deeper than that. When the devotions are written by the same author, they expect some personal insights that will leave them feeling like they have made a new friend. Joel Osteen does this by beginning with the principle, and then telling a story from his childhood that illustrates the point. This book doesn’t let you get to know the author’s spiritual journey. It doesn’t take the ideas and plant them in your heart.

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