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Think no film is too scary? "Haunt" will haunt you for a long time.

Hi Mummy!
Hi Mummy!
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Jaunt (IFC Midnight)


Bringing your portable DVD player to the beach? Good idea when a film scares the poop out of you.
And so we have Haunt (IFC Midnight Films).
Years ago, Dr. Janet Morello (Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver) saw her entire family die in their house under tragic and gruesome circumstances. Now, wanting a change of scenery, she sells her home to the Asher family, including teenage son Evan (Harrison Gilbertson) Evan is the only one suspicious about his family's supposed new dream house, and after striking up a friendship with his troubled neighbor Samantha (Liana Liberato), he discovers a way to communicate with the ghosts of the slaughtered Morello family.
But soon Evan and Sam's morbid curiosity into the supernatural turns dangerous as the spirits start to manifest themselves in the physical world. Despite the warnings of Dr. Morello, the teens are determined to discover the terrible secrets that surround these ghastly apparitions and send them back to the realm of the dead before it's too late.
Haunt is a mysterious shocker in the white-knuckle horror tradition of Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror.
It will haunt you.