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Things are not always as they seem in Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt


Thrillers are one of those genres that when done right can make for some of the best films when done just right. Lately there seems to be more of them coming straight to video than to the theater, but still drawing some big names to lead the charge. The latest Reasonable Doubt features Dominic Cooper and Samuel L, Jackson, but does it have the story to back it up?

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Reasonable Doubt follows an up-and-coming District Attorney, who is involved in a fatal hit-and-run, but another man, is found with the body and charged with murder. Believing that he is innocent, he is compelled to throw the trial. Soon after, his perfect life begins to unravel as he realizes that the man he set free is hiding a secret that will destroy him. The idea to this film is one that is perfect for this genre if handled correctly, but some of the promotions to the film kind of take one of the biggest twists away. That being said this film has an old school feel to it that is fun to watch thanks to the always great Jackson who is at his subtle best. The story has a decent build to it that while it is no mystery of who did what, but manages to keep you wondering on where it is going. As it things escalate the lines become blurred between Jackson’s real motives for a split second only to become clear once again. They never really push the limits with the killing side of the film which probably would have made it stand out a bit more, but it still works for what they are trying to accomplish.

This is a pretty by the numbers film that is worth checking out, but not breaking down any barriers in the genre. The biggest issue is the ending as it builds up as though it is headed to a major climax only to just kind of end and in turn take it happy turn for one of the characters that was more of a secondary story arc to the whole film. Despite this it is one that is worth a rental and if you are a Jackson or Cooper fan will likely enjoy it.

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