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Thief 2014 (PC) review

One of several new features in this game: drawer searching (not featured is cabinet searching).
One of several new features in this game: drawer searching (not featured is cabinet searching).
Ken Kriho

Thief 2014 (PC)


Thief 2014 is an action/stealth game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix. The game was released on multiple platforms on February 25th, 2014. It is the fourth game in the series, and the first Thief game on modern consoles. The story follows Garrett back in The City, doing what he does best, but now has to contend with The Baron who has taken charge of The City, and making matters worse, a plague called The Gloom has spread to its inhabitants, killing off its citizens, one by one.

Thief 2014 title/main menu
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The character models look good, and The City itself it gorgeous with its dark and gritty setting. Everything else, however, is pretty bland, and washed.

Sound-Stephen Russell not voicing Garrett really doesn’t do Garrett’s voice any justice. Everything else is mediocre at best. The only redeeming factor is the retention of the suspense music, which adds atmosphere.

Gameplay-Like in the previous Thief games, all you do in this game is steal from the rich and keep for yourself without getting caught. There are some new features that are in the game. One new feature is new arrows; the blunt and sawtooth arrows. Both aren’t that interesting, and unnecessary. Another new feature is Focus mode, which makes pickpocketing easier, finding pipes to climb and candles to be blown out easier. Two of the better features are the observe function and custom difficulty. Observe allows the player to see sights of interest, and custom difficulty allows players to modify the game to make it harder.

Features-The majority of the new features in the game were unnecessary, and not having them in the game would’ve been much better.

Overall-This game is mediocre. If you want a good stealth game, play any of the first three games. Avoid this game like the plague.

Score: 2/5

You can get Thief 2014 from Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN.

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