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They got more than they bargained for with this ‘Mom’s Night Out’

Moms Out Night


There are a lot of varieties of comedy out there and much like everything else they are usually geared towards a specific audience. The ones geared towards the more mainstream and families often fall short or are full on kids films making them a bit harder to find their place. The latest trying to bring something new to the genre for the whole family is Mom’s Night Out starring Sarah Drew, Trace Adkins, Sean Astin, and Patricia Heaton but can it step its game up or should they have just stayed in.

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Mom’s Night Out follows a mom and her friends that just want on grown-up evening of dinner and fun, but to do that they will need their husbands to watch the kids for a few hours. On the surface this is a pretty generic comedy that does a fine job accomplishing what it set out to do, but if you look a bit closer it is a cleverly disguised religious film that keeps from being to preachy. There are some pretty funny moments but being a PG comedy you know they are not pushing any boundaries. This film is not trying to be anything more than it really is and that is a family comedy and for that respect it works just fine. What might put some off is the obvious Christian based undertones they place throughout the film, but do it in a way that keeps this from being a full on religious film and more mainstream while still getting their point across. The majority of the film is a pretty by the numbers comedy that doesn’t add anything new to the genre, but does bring that rare opportunity of being one that could be watched by the whole family minus all the usual kid film nonsense.

The cast all do a fine job and there are plenty of fun moments, but the overall generic feel and religious tone may make this work more for some and less than others. Either way it is something that both adults and kids can enjoy together that is rare unless it is an animated film. You be the judge if you like any of the cast involved or are a mother in need of a night out.