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They are going to need more than rehab in ‘The Addicted’

The Addicted


The horror genre is one that seems to churn out the most variety of them all. When dealing with a good horror film, especially the slasher-eque type first and foremost you have to have a cool memorable killer. The latest hoping to bring their own vision of horror to life is The Addicted and with a cool visual cover does it have the content and killer to back it up?

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The Addicted follows four friends who spend a night in an abandoned drug rehab clinic hoping to film some paranormal experiences. They soon end up fighting for their lives as a 25 year old legacy comes to haunt them. This film starts off fine with the usual teens doing stuff they are not supposed to only to meet their demise from whatever it is that will be tormenting the rest of this feature. As it moves on it seems to be a bit all over the place and tries to create a terrifying situation, but gets somewhat lost on itself. This is a low budget fair which is fine when they use some creative means to get their sequences to work, which they do here. There are numerous great kills here that aren’t overly graphic, but thanks to some clever filming still manage to succeed. They bring a simplistic but cool design with their killer which helps to make up for a lot, but the direction of the story takes some of the spark out him. With some simple adjustments to the story to keep the visual intact they could have a cool new horror icon here. The subject matter serves up a wide open catalog for some great stories, but will need to be fleshed out a bit more.

As a whole this film manages to be a decent little lower budget horror film that has ditched all the nonsense and streamlined it while trying to create something different. The biggest issue as a whole is that it was shot so dark it is really hard to see anything going on for most of the movie. The horror genre is subjective so check it out for yourself and see if you get addicted.

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