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These tornados are bringing more than just heavy winds in Stonados



Over the last few years some of the genre films have gotten more and more ridiculous from crazed twists on animals to insane weather conditions and sometimes blending the tow. The latest Stonados looks to bring a new twist to the natural disaster genre, but does its ridiculous direction make for one of the fun cheese fest type films that have hit home with fans or will this be just another bad weather report?

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Stonados follows a former storm chaser who becomes intrigued by unusual weather with tornados that appear south of Boston, but as the tornados begin moving closer into the shore line he realizes that this is no ordinary storm he finds that the only chance of stopping it is an untested theory about weather manipulation... the same theory that he’s has been trying to prove for over a decade. Now he will put that theory to the test and hope it saves the world instead of accelerating its destruction. With this crazy title and concept this film had the chance to be gold, but sadly it didn’t live up to its cheese potential. The film kicks off living up to its title and setting a tone that is going to be a fun time, but then it starts taking itself way too serious and in turn loses what makes it appealing. Most of the performances are pretty bad with all the cheesy dialogue that you might expect but minus the fun. The few moments of actually getting the Stonados in action are pretty fun to watch, but unfortunately there just isn’t much of it.

If you are looking for another fun cheese fest weather disaster film then you will get that, but may be disappointed in the final product. There are tons of hardcore fans of this genre that are likely to still find a silver lining in this storm which is exactly who it’s made for.