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These Things Happen

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G-Eazy's lastest album, These Things Happen


These things happen, waking up next to random girls, smoking too much, drinking to your accomplishments, these things happen. The basis of G-Eazy’s latest project, “These Things Happen”, is the climb towards unprecedented success. Now undoubtedly, G-Eazy’s rise in modern day hip hop is as unique as it gets. From his samples of the oldies on “Endless Summer” to his self-produced and more diverse tracks on his last two projects, he’s always stayed true to the indie roots that garnered him his original fan base. G’s changed, but for the better and this latest album proves that. With much of rap today being based on the accumulation of wealth, women, and living the rock star lifestyle, obviously it’s not as clear cut as the artists make it seem, but G’s done us the favor of explaining why his statements are genuine. Starting off with “Far Alone”, you’re shown the ascension of the bay area rapper, depicted by himself and one of his idols E-40. Both emcees deliver verses on their respective trials, and G takes over the last verse by simply saying he knew he was going to make it big, just like he knew your girlfriend was going to send him a “you know what I mean” text message. From there, the album continues to relay that message onto the listener. The third song listed, “I Mean It”, is a most definite “f**k you” to anybody doubting his lifestyle and newfound success. “Almost Famous” proves even the man himself asks the question, will it last forever? Frankly, I don’t think he’s worried, like he said rappers came and past, and he’s still here. This album included a bit of everything, romance, party lifestyle, started from the bottom, and the usually exaggerated accumulation of wealth, but in this case I don’t think G-Eazy has got much to lie about, he’s meant what he said. Thankfully enough, I could listen to this album and smoke enough for three, just as the formers allowed me to, but the slight touch of mainstream (you could even call it genius) propels this record over the summit. I mean, there’s got to be a reason “These Things Happen” is number one on iTunes. He’s done everything he’s wanted to, and as the interlude proves, he’s made someone close to his heart proud (assumingly his mother). Album’s a must buy.