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These officers take corrupt force to a whole new level with ‘Wrong Cops’

Wrong Cops


Ever since he burst onto the scene with his brilliantly bizarre film Rubber, Quentin Dupieux he has been bringing films like nothing else around. His latest, Wrong Cops doesn’t quite go in the weird direction that Rubber did, but is still far from the norm. Featuring an interesting cast of relative unknowns and appearances from Eric Roberts, Jennifer Blanc, Ray Wise and Marilyn Manson it looks like it could be another interesting piece of cinema, but does it work or is it finally just too far out there?

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Wrong Cops follows a group of officers who really couldn't care less about solving crimes and are much more interested in committing petty theft, blackmailing colleagues, soliciting prostitutes, sexually harassing the community and pursuing careers in electronic music. When one of them accidentally shots a man while holding a teenager hostage he stores the body in the trunk, but what should be an issue might not matter since the rest of the force is out committing their own crimes. Going into this film you have to understand that you are stepping into something a bit out there. This film sticks somewhat in a more normal world than Rubber but still brings a flare for the bizarre to the forefront. The cast of characters are all more strange than the next but that is part of the fun to this strange film. The most entertaining of the bunch has to be Marilyn Manson playing a teenager who is toned down in relation to his stage persona, but somehow still manages to bring an uncomfortable strangeness to it that is hilarious to watch. With every turn this film seems to step further outside of the realm of the norm taking each character deeper into a more seedy world, yet somehow making them all strangely likeable and disgusting at the same time.

The story to this film is a bit all over the place and doesn’t really go anywhere but that is part of makes it so unique. Dupieux has a unique brilliant style to filmmaking that won’t resonate with everyone, but those that get it are sure to love the strangely absurd worlds that he brings to life. Wrong Cops isn’t quite as strange as Rubber, but just as unique so take a chance and give the film a chance.