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These girls have more than financial issues in Concrete Blondes

Concrete Blondes


Action movies are one of the most difficult yet easy genres to make work. In most cases you can save the film with great action sequences or bringing in a sexy lead to bring the pain but at times these same aspects can clutter it to the point where it just doesn’t work. The latest Concrete Blondes looks to bring both these aspects to the genre, but does it take the right direction and bring these elements effectively together?

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Concrete Blondes follow three down-on-their-luck, twenty-something female roommates are living paycheck to paycheck in a rundown apartment, when one night they stumble across $3 million dollars in a suitcase amidst the bloody aftermath of a drug shootout. Despite wanting to keep the money and smuggle it out of the country, the girls are forced into a final showdown and must face off against seasoned criminals who want the cash for themselves. While the hope for this film was to be an action heavy sex filled film, this film actually plays a lot differently and not always in a good way. For most of the film it plays more of a comedy and not an all great one at that. There is way too many elements thrown in here for such a simple story that they attempt to make work using the flash forward and backward style that works on some level, but also tends to slow things down. Instead of just showing you parts you missed, they keep showing things you have already seen on some of them and it’s just not necessary. When it finally shifts to the action aspect it never really gives you much to work with and the story element they use to get you there is so clichéd it is laughable, but was most likely intended to be.

To be honest this movie really delivers what you probably expect it too, it just doesn’t pack the action punch you probably hope for. It had everything it needed to deliver, but sadly its filled with annoying characters, a predictable plot and throw away action that adds little to the finished film.