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It’s almost the Fourth of July! Picnics, barbecues, and gatherings with family and friends are on everyone’s agenda this week. Potato salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit and other summery dishes will be on the menu for these holiday celebrations. Usually this means a lot of disposable tableware. Paper plates and plastic one-use silverware will be used to serve much of the delicious food that will be eaten this weekend. The plates are made from paper which is made from wood fiber…which is made from precious trees. The plastic silverware is a petroleum product and is not good for our environment – neither in the harvesting process nor in production. Styrofoam disposables are even worse, leaching toxic chemicals into hot foods and having limited availability for recycling after use. When there’s not a viable option for toting heavy washable plates and silverware to an outside venue, disposable tableware is the most functional option and The Paperless Kitchen now has a solution that’s effective, lightweight and environmentally friendly!

Leafware is an innovative new product line that is fully disposable (even compostable!) and environmentally friendly from sourcing to use. These amazing plates, bowls and serving dishes are made from sterilized fallen palm leaves. They have a beautiful, earthy appearance while maintaining a remarkably sturdy functionality. I was given samples of Leafware products to try and I tested them for several weeks before completing my review.

My first impression: The plates were remarkably strong and thick. They did not bend easily nor did they seem flimsy. They did not smell like much of anything so as not to compete with food flavors. We tried them with a variety of foods, wet and dry and never once had a leak through the plate. I even put several condiments on one plate and left it on the counter overnight. They did not seem through the plate! From hot, greasy foods such as mozzarella sticks to salad with vinaigrette, the plates held up beautifully. We also put heavy foods on the plates and attempted to carry them by the corner while walking and talking with a cup in the other hand. No issues with the plates flexing or food falling off no matter whether the food was hot, or cold. We also found that we could wipe dry crumbs from the plates with a clean towel and use them over and over again for things like chips, pretzels, cookies and even dryer vegetables like carrots, celery, cauliflower and broccoli. We used the flatware too, and it remained functional for single (sometimes double or even triple) use and reminded us of the little wooden spoon that comes with an ice cream cup – without that weird chemical (glue?) aftertaste we also remembered.

I am incredibly impressed with not only the innovation that went into this fully earth friendly disposable tableware line, but also the attention to detail and design for a gorgeous, natural tablescape. I pictured a gingham checked tablecloth, adorned with a full table setting of Leafware plates and serving dishes full of fresh, summery foods, Eco products compostable drinking cups full of freshly squeezed lemonade and fresh herbs and cream colored Mydrap reusable, compostable cloth napkins. This picnic would be not only environmentally conscious but also beautiful!

The Paperless Kitchen offers a sample kit for $20.00 including “two 10" Leafware Dinner Plates , two 9" Leafware Lunch Plates, two 7" Leafware Salad Plates, two 5" Leafware Dessert Plates, two 3.5" Leafware Single Bite Plates, two 7" Round Bowls and two 5" Deep Square Bowls. Two 9" by 6" tray are also included.” Also included: two of each type of their sustainable birch flatware. This is a great way to try out the product line and see for yourself how wonderful it is!

The Paperless Kitchen is genuinely interested in providing eco-friendly alternatives to the waste we produce in our homes daily. They do it with innovative style, functionality and a green twist that you can’t help but love. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and sign up for their email newsletters to receive special offers here. Make sure to cruise their website, and check out all of the other cool products they provide!

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