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There's No Waiting For Fun At The 2014 Chicago Auto Show

2014 Chicago Auto Show


As Chicago families like Clark Griswald's lampoon toward The 106th annual 2014 Chicago Auto Show. Which coincides with our countries annual Presidents Day holiday, Monday,February 17th. Sparky's family swoon over the 2014 new luxury family camper, which makes cross country traveling a dream with even Griswald's family.

2014 Chicago Auto Show
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The best part the Airstream Interstate 350 will never go accidently airborn,with it's 9-seater has a 2 burner range, couch to bed convertible, bath-shower, with 4 swivel chairs. And with it's 3-liter V6 diesel on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, this luxury family camper goes for $150,000, but gets 22 miles per gallon.

Running until dusk every day, there's no waiting at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show are 6 outdoor test drive opportunities.To get inside the likes of Ford,Subaru, Scion, VW, and Kia, plus test drives of the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado.

There also are 10 of the coolest all-age attractions that aren't the Cadillac El Miraj or Bugatti Veyron with automakers bringing video games into their displays.

And where else can kids 11 and under enjoy new-fangled robotics while still getting their own plastic model of a Ford Mustang to be built on site. While watching the visually impressive Hank, the Ford robot.

For adults that love a 20-foot hill, a 2-foot pond, sand pit and other obstacles there's fragrance of wet cow manure on a a teeter-totter, for the 2014 Toyota TRD Pro series off-road track.

Professional drivers in the Tundra and 4 Runner will keep everyone safe and promise to have kids begging you to off-road on the way home on North & South LSD.

Meanwhile, at Camp Jeep pro drivers will take you high up Jeep Mountain then over obstacles,in Jeep models, including the new Grand Cherokee Overland,turning maneuvers.

So come on to The 106th annual 2014 Chicago Auto Show on Presidents Day, Monday February 17th, 2014.