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There isn't a best friend who can beat Eyes by ToGoSpa

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Eyes by ToGoSpa


After a too many long days at work or a long night out, it seems as if nothing can reverse the dark circles, fine lines and all-around mess under the eyes. The result is looking tired, sickly and old. It's not a pretty picture.

Never fear...Eyes by ToGoSpa are here! Celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, Paris Hilton and Mackenzie Phillips can't live without them - and for good reason.

These fantastic little gems make it all go away in just fifteen minutes. Each box comes with three treatments, so there's backup for severe cases. Each individually wrapped foil packet contains two kidney-shaped collagen pads, which you press into place under your eyes. Lay back, relax, and discard after fifteen minutes. Under eye area looks brighter, firmer and more youthful!

Eyes by ToGoSpa were developed by Jana Toohey, to whom there should be a monument erected. Such simple little pads pack quite a punch! Containing purified water, collagen, aloe, amino acids and vitamins A and E, this product does what it promises; soothes, brightens, de-puffs and hydrates.

Here are a few helpful tricks: 1) Tap the excess 'good stuff' into your skin once you remove the pad - it dries shiny and there is no point in wasting it; 2) Pads can be worn while working, but tend to slip down and need readjusted; 3) For an added kick, refrigerate them for a cool compress for those hard mornings.

Eyes by ToGoSpa come in three formulas: Ice Water for Soothing, Green Tea for Lifting and Pomegranate for Firming. Try them all! Available online at