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There is going to be more than gambling in Vegas in Unidentified



The found footage genre is clearly not going away, so now it’s just a matter of how clever can a filmmaker get to create something new. The horror genre seems to the one that has really welcomed this style with a new one seeming to get released all the time. The latest Unidentified looks to go with the alien abduction format, but does it offer anything to help it stand out or will it be a visitation no one wanted?

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Dark Sky Films

Unidentified follows a group of friends who head to Vegas for a weekend of gambling, but when they are forced on the run from a loan shark they find themselves stranded in the desert with something unearthly hunting them. This is a pretty strange structured film, but with an end result that actually ended up being a pretty fun ride. The first half sports more of a travel party found footage film with only a couple of moments hinting at something more. There are numerous moments that entertain and work well enough, but could leave some viewers a bit confused as to the genre the films is actually in. It’s not until the last quarter of the film that the actual alien aspect kicks in and changes the dynamic of the whole film. There is still a very slow build up to where it is headed and makes everything before it worth the trip. They never try to force anything into the film that doesn’t need to be there to make the sci-fi aspect come to life but instead leave a lot to the imagination which makes it work all that much better.

In the end this film works because it allows itself to not focus on forcing the idea or a resolution to it all and instead just lets things happen. Big props to the filmmakers and crew behind the final camera sequence as it is both bold and amazing to watch and elevates the film to another level. If you are a fan of the genre then let Unidentified abduct you and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Prepare for the abduction and grab your copy of Unidentified when it hits stores on February 11th.