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'Theodore Boone: The Accused' by John Grisham has kid lawyer on the defense

Great middle grade adventure and mystery
Great middle grade adventure and mystery
courtesy of publisher, Dutton Children's Books

Theodore Boone: The Accused by John Grisham


"Theodore Boone: The Accused" by John Grisham is the latest in the series about Theo Boone, son of two attorneys and himself an aspiring attorney. In this story he is accused of theft.

Grisham gives some strong clues that Theo is neglecting something important when strange things happen and he doesn't report them to either the school or his parents. This is a great opportunity for a young reader to start to "get" that in mystery books, there are clues the reader needs to pick up on.

The story also continues the plot from the first and second books about Pete Duffy, who has been accused of murdering his wife, and who is now on the run from the law. (Spoiler alert: a plot development will soon be revealed.)

Although at the beginning of the story, Grisham seems to imply that this story line will be important, it turns out not to be the case. It is obvious that this part of the story will continue in future books, though.

On the whole, this book is a bit disappointing. Of course, when a series starts out with a great plot and some really good writing, it may be inevitable that some of the books in the middle of the series will fall short of the promise of the first book.

That is the case here. "The Accused" is a good story. It's well written. It continues to develop Theo's ability to "represent" clients in animal court (in the basement of the courthouse). But it almost seems like a place-holder for the story yet to come.

That will not stop the new young generation of Grisham-loving readers from scarfing this book up and continuing to wait for the next Theo Boone installment. This reader will do the same. Theodore Boone has his own website; visit it for more information about upcoming titles.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Dutton Children's Books, for review purposes.

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