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The Wynn's Remarkable Le Reve

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Le Reve


The Las Vegas Strip packs more entertainment options into a two-and-a-half-mile area than most of the world’s large cities can even offer. Las Vegas shows cover a huge range of tastes, from Broadway-quality theater productions to magic shows to rock concerts to stand-up comedy to shows that you would never tell your mother you went to see. Despite this variety, the entertainment bar in Vegas is set so high, only the best of the best manage to make the billboards of the luxury strip resorts.


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Le Reve is offered at the incredible Wynn hotel and resort. The Wynn itself is a masterpiece of interior and architectural design – clearly, the Wynn does not settle. From this observation alone, my expectations of Le Reve were set very high, even before I took my seat in the unique round aqua theater.

Many Vegas theaters designed and built for specific shows seem to stretch the number of seats each will hold to the absolute threshold of practicality. This is not the case with the Le Reve theater. The 1,606 seats are arranged in just twelve rows. Every seat has an excellent view of the stage and the show is designed to be viewed from any angle. This arrangement allows for an intimacy that is rare and enhances the experience.

The show itself was created by Franco Dragone, the creative director for Cirque du Soleil. If you’ve seen a Cirque du Soleil performance, you will notice many similarities as I did when you see Le Reve, including the tendency toward dream references and the brilliantly bizarre.

Le Reve opens on a romantic scene of a couple in love. The aquatic stage is a pond in a park where the woman curls up on a park bench and wonders where their love will go next. Her dreams seem to comprise the majority of the loosely woven (by design) plot. The story is peppered with beautiful tangents which take the audience in outlandish directions before gracefully returning us to the lovers’ plight.

Le Reve is lavish and elaborate in costume, aquatic features, and aerial acrobatics. It also manages to host a little well-placed humor which I find adds to the performance. The circular aqua stage cleverly morphs into a pond, a fountain, a sea, etc. and pulls us, Dragone’s enraptured audience, wherever his imagination wishes to take us.

For more information on Le Reve or to buy tickets, please visit their website.

Examiner’s Note: My deep appreciation goes to Grace Russell of the Wynn and Encore for her understanding and gracious hospitality.

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