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The Wrath of Vajra

The ultimate warrior fights the ultimate battle
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The Wrath of Vajra


For a modest film, "The Wrath Of Vajra," actually had some big potential with qualified martial artists comprising the cast. The plot centers around a conspiracy by Japan to take over China during and after World War II. Children from around the world are kidnapped and forced to live and train in a secret location in China.

The training is cruel and the children are forced to forget their past and accept their new role as warriors bent on bringing about a new world order. Members of Vajra are the deadliest fighters ever. And it is a special honor to be chosen to serve.

The leader is captured and jailed. Japan has abandoned him, and some of the Vajra warriors have left. Still there are forces determined to bring about the ultimate goal of controlling China then the world.

Once again children and soldiers are being taken and brought to the temple. Some of the soldiers are actually former Vajra warriors that have escaped their old life, but are now being forced to rejoin.

One of the warriors; who is also called The King Of Vajra has taken up being a Shaolin monk. Though he would love to forever stay hidden from his old life, he is forced to face his fellow warriors once again. And he is also out to save children from the Shaolin temple that have just recently been abducted.

Also the daughter of the original Vajra leader is now a reporter and is charged with reporting the exploits of the group; making them look positive to the world. But she too realizes that The Vajra's heavy-handed tactics betray their image. They plan to spread peace, but under their terms. And if necessary, eliminating any who oppose them.

The King of Vajra arrives to his old home; haunted by the belief that he killed his brother as a child during a training session. But he is willing to die to stop The Vajra and save his old friends and the children.

Each fight is unique calling on the talents of martial artists from different countries, styles, and abilities. This creates fights that are visually exciting. Entertaining, and well choreographed. So you are given a new take on the classic battle to death in an arena feel.

There is also the dynamic between The King of Vajra and the current leader, a very powerful Japanese fighter. Their relationship is that of old friends that fully respect each other. But both men have strong beliefs and are determined to die for them. This causes conflict internally for both men. They would rather work together, one believing in peace and the other world domination.

Behind the scenes their is deception, realization, and a final battle between forces to prove that either Vajra is wrong and there is another way; or that all will bow to the will of Vajra or die.