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The Women's Prosperity Network UnConference 2013

WPN Experts
WPN Experts
Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr, Susan Wiener

Women's Prosperity Network UnConference


Women collaborating, sharing and growing together. That's not possible, is it? Years ago the general belief was that women are catty and self-centered and enjoy gossiping about each other. Maybe that is sometimes true, but not in this special group that is changing the way women feel about themselves and relate to each other.

The Women's Prosperity Network, the brainchild of Nancy Matthews with the help of her 2 sisters, Trish Carr and Susan Wiener, has changed the way women view themselves and each other - forever. Bonds have been formed, leadership roles have been assumed, and everybody who attends an event is quickly welcomed into the fold.

Now the time for the powerful yearly event, the UnConference, is rapidly approaching. You are invited to get involved in this life changing event where you will network with women who will support you to be the most and the best that you can be. Here is what you can expect of you attend this uplifting event.

What’s In It For You?

Why do we call it “The UN-Conference?” Because this event is about YOU getting what you want and need to grow your business, your relationships and your life! WPN’s signature mastermind formula will be experienced throughout the event, giving you the opportunity to create lasting change and sustained success. When you play full out at The UN-Conference you will:

  • Connect with like-minded and like-spirited business women who are committed to supporting you and your success. The WPN motto “We may not have it all together but together we have it all” is magnified at The UN-Conference as you create lasting personal and professional relationships lasting well beyond this amazing 3 day event.
  • Acquire new knowledge, skills and proven expert strategies in the areas of sales, marketing and branding that will propel your business forward.
  • Release old patterns and ways of thinking and being that may be holding you back from expressing your full potential and realizing the prosperity and abundance you desire and deserve in every area of your life.

Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) was founded as a women networking group in 2008 by three sisters (yes, real sisters with the same mother and father), Nancy Matthews, Susan Wiener and Trish Carr, with the intention of creating a space for business women’s true gifts, talents and power to shine! Transforming traditional networking for women from the business card drop and swap to a place where you make real connections, build lasting friendships and enjoy prosperity in every area of your life.

These 3 sisters have been working tirelessly for the past 5 years to build an ever-expanding network of highly motivated women who are making their marks on society and changing the lives around them. Their mastermind breakfast and lunch gatherings, their group mastermind and coaching calls, and everything else they is done with a spirit of learning, sharing, growing and supporting the best in each other.

DATES: October 11, 12, 13



CALL: 800-928-6928

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