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‘The women in Jesus’ life,’ by Soorin Backer

by Soorin Backer
Create Space

examples “…of women who broke free from bondage and overcame because of who Jesus was in their lives…”


When Oregon author, Soorin Backer sat down to write “The Women in Jesus’ Life,” a “daily devotional style journal” for women, she instead wrote the first chapter of this book, at the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Following that inner prompting she made a list of ten biblical women, then “heard the words” that gave her the “title and theme” of a book she never expected to write—a book she wrote in ten days.

She wrote a chapter a day on ten women Christ interacted with, from the “Canaanite woman at the well” to “Mary Magdalene,” “Ruth” and more. The women’s stories came to life through her keyboard and she shared in their joys, wounds and healings as recorded in scripture. While Soorin documented the women’s experiences, she found herself being healed and freed from issues that had long held her captive.

Chapters begin with fictionalized accounts of a biblical narrative, followed by the author’s analysis and precise chapter and verse accounts. “Reflections” end each chapter with space for personal notes. The book’s focus illustrates how God views and values women and that “… Christ wants his daughters healed.”

Soorin hopes these examples “…of women who broke free from bondage and overcame because of who Jesus was in their lives…” will encourage ladies to draw close to Jesus, read their bibles, gain deeper insight and seek healing with Jesus.

The author’s advanced degrees in clinical psychology and theology from Fuller Theological Seminary provide the academic credentials to analyze and write these narratives she takes literary license with. The book is well-written, insightful and interesting and inspires what I think is most important—reading the Bible!

‘The women in Jesus’ life,’ by Soorin Backer, Create Space, 2012, 220 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1466226623, $15.00

For women’s bible studies, Seattle:

Back Cover Copy:

How did Jesus really view women? Some of the familiar stories in the Bible about Jesus’ interactions with women can be pretty challenging to understand. Does the Word of God give us clues about how Jesus may have viewed the women who approached Him?

Today women are inundated with so many different messages in the Christian culture that we can become confused about how God truly views us. “The Women in Jesus’ Life” is one woman’s effort to decipher the heart of the Savior when He dealt with the brokenness, insecurities, and needs of women the Bible. The book focuses on ten biblical women’s stories including the woman at the well, the Canaanite woman, and the women in Jesus’ genealogy.

Be blessed as you read about Jesus and His love for women that others may have labeled as “unlovable.”

SOORIN BACKER attended Fuller Theological Seminary in the Ph.D. Program for Clinical Psychology and completed two graduate degrees: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Master of Arts in Theology. She served as youth pastor in three churches. For several years she led Bible studies for women, taught studies on the fundamentals of Christian beliefs, led DVD-based studies, teaches at MWOV Fresh Release School of Ministry, and speaks at women's retreats and conferences. She has also served as the coordinator for Lifeway's simulcasts at her church and currently serves as the Vice President of Mighty Women of Vision. Soorin is happily married to Dr. Jonathan Backer and they have four (cherished) children.

Twitter: @GailWelborn

FaceBook: Gail Welborn



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