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'The Woman In Red (1984)' Movie Review: Be happy with what you got

Movie Review: The Woman In Red (1984)

The Woman In Red (1984)


Teddy Pierce (Gene Wilder) is a middle age man who on the surface looks as if he has everything He has a wonderful wife with great kids. He has a nice job and some of the best friends a person could ask for. Then one day he sees a young woman in a sheer red dress and he goes nuts. He tells himself that he must have her.

From this point on his life seems to spiral out of control. He will eventually find out the young woman's name, Charlotte (Kelly Lebrock). Teddy will finally get to talk to her, unfortunately he doesn't exactly tell her the truth. He will let his friends Buddy (Charles Grodin) and Joey (Joseph Bologna) know what's going on and of course they urge him to try and get her.

In the process, he begins to lie to his family about what he's doing. He takes time off of work all for the possibility of being with Charlotte. Now the funny thing is Teddy already has a girlfriend on the side but he just goes insane when it comes to Charlotte.

This movie is one of Gene Wilder's best. The film touches on all the norms of the day. In 1984 gay characters in movies were just becoming accepted and Charles Grodin does a great job in his character. Joseph Bologna is also married but will do any girl any time any place and it will eventually cost him dearly.

Director Gene Wilder does a great job with this hilarious comedy. He brings some of the best actors of the time and even has his wife Gilda Radner playing a wonderful role as a secretary who overcomes her homeliness and turns out to be a fox at the end. Wilder pulls off a great film with this cast and it is tastefully done. This is one that if you haven't seen it then you must. It is one for the library if you can find it on DVD. Oh yes, Happy Birthday Gene Wilder.