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The Wolf of Sex, Money & Drugs

Wall Street Sex
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The Wolf of Wall Street (movie)


Several movies over the past twenty years have definitely shocked us all when it comes to the amount of sex and drugs in a film, but the biggest, baddest of them all is Martin Scorsese's latest collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio; The Wolf of Wall Street.

Do not go see this movie with your parents! Or sister. Or brother. Or anyone that you would cringe next to when an awkward love making session pops up in a movie. Why? They're at least 20+ explicit sex scenes in the film mixed with hardcore drug use. The amount of sex and drugs is almost laughable do to the nature and repetition of the wild scenes. Never in my movie-going experience have I witnessed so much profanity, nudity and use of cocaine in one film. The Wolf of Wall Street makes Boogie Nights look like a Disney movie. Oh, the movie is also 3 hours long, no pun intended.

Despite all of the ridiculous amounts of sex and drugs splashed across the screen, the movie is actually quite good. Leonardo gives the performance of his career playing Jordan Belfort, who went to work at Investor's Center, a penny stock house, and a year later opened a franchise of Stratton Securities, a minor league broker-dealer. Belfort and a team of associates scam some of the biggest corporations of the late 80's and early 90's and rank in millions of dollars. The movie is narrated entirely by DiCaprio who transforms himself into a greedy man consumed by sex, money and drugs. Wolf displays how power and money can lead to corruption and a destructive lifestyle. If movies like Basic Instinct or Eyes Wide Shut offended you, then stay far away from The Wolf of Wall Street.