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The Winter Soldier Renews Faith In The Superhero Sequel

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Still struggling to find his place in a world, so drastically different from the one lost to him decades before, Steve Rogers continues to do his best to defend and to protect freedom. Despite his problems with the ambiguous morality of the modern era, Captain American still holds dear to his ideals, even when they lead to conflict with his commanding officers. When dark forces begin to rise all around him, Steve is forced to find new friends and to build complex friendships in an attempt to restore the world's tenuous security, especially once S.H.I.E.L.D. finds itself under siege, without Nick Fury. To make matters worst, an old friend reappears, intent on completing his mission to kill Captain America.

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In the latest installment of Captain America, Marvel adds yet another twist to an increasingly complex world, which continues to grow by leaps, bounds, and galaxies. With a greater focus on the evolution and development of its characters, "Captain America, The Winter Soldier" surpasses its progenitor. While the presence of super powered heroes is eternally evident, following Captain America's struggle for normalcy and dealing with the fading remnants of his former life, the super powered moments almost blend into to the background, subverted by an awareness of the character's internal struggle and his dedication to his ideals. Besides the hero's personal journey, huge changes to the world order are introduced, changes which will drastically impact the feature length micro-verse being created by Marvel. Unlike past franchises, the events of one movie inevitably plants the seeds of a new or developing storyline, which ultimately leads to a sequel and to a branching franchise or franchises. With "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." acting as a weekly booster shot for dedicated followers, it will be interesting to see how this movie's events will filter into its peripheral subplots. Regardless, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is definitely worth the time and the price of admission, especially for anyone who enjoys big visuals, well crafted characters, powerful acting, and good writing.


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