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The Winners of 2014's 86th annual Academy Awards

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the 86th annual Academy Awards


Tonight it'll seem like the longer we follow the Oscars, with tradition the more things in time stay the same. Fortunately, the 86th annual Academy Awards on Sunday Night March 2 may have many similarities. Like for instance in the Tom Hanks epic "Apollo 13,"in 1995. Sandra Bullock also can survive after being trapped alone in outer space, just so“Gravity” could earn six Oscars but lose the big prize. “Gravity” is perhaps the year’s most talked-about film and is easily the highest grossing of the Best Picture nominees. It’s aided by fantastic reviews, as well as its undeniable technical achievements.

Unlike the fraud Nick Carraway was in the recent remake in 2013 of "The Great Gatsby". Even though similar in their character approach Jasmine's,Cate Blanchett for sure seems to claim Best Actress for Allen’s “Blue Jasmine.”

With no surprise “American Hustle” received an unexpected 10 bids, it looked like it might be the one to beat. Even “Gravity” and “12 Years a Slave”which both tied. “American Hustle's” major for is due to last year’s Best Actress champion Jennifer Lawrence,“Silver Linings Playbook” would add a Supporting Actress Oscar in addition to her already crowned mantel. With the energetic farce “American Hustle” might end up going from the bottom rank to the top. By all accounts, she stole “American Hustle” with her thick New York accent and memorable one-liners, Multiple nominee for the last decade Amy Adams, and the talented curler curly headed, Bradley Cooper, and of course with the acting chops of "The Fighters" Oscar winner Christian Baile.

Leading the pack of course is the acclaimed “12 Years a Slave,” definitely a sensational historical drama of 2013. The combination of writing, directing and acting are all superb. It's symbolic account of the 19th century Americana is actually better than last year’s” Lincoln.” The execution in the production was excellent. Making this movie deserving the over all prestige that always is generally associated with a traditional Best Picture winner.“12 Years”has already claimed the top honors.With it's complete its sweep of nods at the Academy Awards this year. With it's success at the Golden Globe and SAG competitions, it'll be the film to beat.

Unless the bets are on a film starring Matthew McConaughey, playing a real-life AIDS patient in “Dallas Buyers Club,” McConaughey lost a whopping 47 pounds and is almost unrecognizable onscreen. While delivering a true, dramatic performance displaying a wide range of his deepest emotions. He conquered both the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild , which almost always means a sure to Oscar. He also gets bonus points for his well-received turn in “Mud” and his small but memorable appearance in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” His current co-starring status with Woody Harelson in HBO’s “True Detective”only secures his lead. The other four nominees are all spectacular, but it’s McConaughey in “Dallas Buyers Club” who will be joining the always prestigious Oscar winners’ club this year.

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