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The Winner Of Super Bowl XLVIII Is....

Super Bowl XLVIII prediction's are


The Super Bowl XLVIII prediction's are pretty obvious, and it’s safe to say first off, Peyton Manning better get re-sized for a new Superbowl ring. And Budweiser rules the 2014 Super bowl commercials. Lets say simply because from a fans perspective it's their puppy love. You'll see it, it's the one where the guy raises a Clydesdale who goes off to join the Bud national team.

 Super Bowl XLVIII  prediction's are

Later the Chicago guy goes to see them, his horse simply trots right by him, but after the parade in a very cool, touching moment, the horse chases after him onto a side street where he's in his car having, what else a Bud.

In the same vain,the other warm fuzzy spot is breakfast cereal brand Cheerios with little Gracie and her dad.

Honestly, the most favorable Super Bowl XLVIII prediction's start when halftime rolls around at Super Bowl XLVIII, because that's when pop hit maker Honolulu native Bruno Mars takes center stage without being worried about the score. You see Bruno's from Hawaii and they don’t have a team,so he says he bounces around,and goes for the underdog.

That doesn't describe Bruno, he'll play the halftime show in the tradition of Prince, U2's Bono, The Rolling Stones and other pop headliners. Mars is the first artist in his twenties in over ten years to headline.

With a Grammy win along with two platinum albums, he's going into his upcoming performance at MetLife Stadium with 4 new smash hit's this year. As far as the pending arctic polar blast freeze according to Bruno,“You gotta be fearless, man,if I’m ever gonna sing in a blizzard, it may as well be at the Super Bowl.”

But seriously, this season's Super Bowl XLVIII prediction's across the board speculates that the Denver Broncos will defeat the Seattle Seahawks 31-28 in Sunday’s game, and that Denver quarterback Manning will be named the game’s MVP after throwing for 322 yards and three touchdowns.

In the meantime, Manning is a determined, focused, quarterback always playing with more tenacity down the stretch throughout the season, There's no denying that Peyton Manning is a consummate quarterback that has the hottest hand at the end of a season, and is the one that always takes the trophy.

Peyton Manning is playing completely out of his mind this season,the Denver Broncos quarterback accounted for this season,has had 59 passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown, making a whopping 60 touchdowns.Their Super Bowl XLVIII opponents the Seahawks have not seen an offense like Denver’s.

Even two matchups against New Orleans pale in comparison to this team. Peyton Manning is the number one factor for the Broncos winning Super Bowl XLVIII. Although Seattle’s defensive backs are the best in the NFL.

But Broncos’s receivers are also the best in the NFL, and they have more weapons with a strong slot position who catches the ball, than Seattle which has prides itself in their cuts and bruises. The Broncos boast two receivers that had over 1,000 yards.

They have four receivers that had over 10 touchdowns not to mention a running back that has over 10 as well.Of course the best in the NFL after the catch are the Broncos,even though Seattle has the personnel to match up with Denver physically.

Feeling like they have an edge, but again, haven’t seen an offense this good all year. They started to pick up their game when they played in Houston back in week 16, Denver's defense is easily playing its best football of the season,and carried it into a dominant performance against Oakland, and have allowed just 17 and 16 points in their two playoff games.In two playoff games,Denver has allowed just one more point than Seattle.

So in closing Super Bowl XLVIIIFinal Score Prediction: Denver 31, Seattle 24

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