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The West Cobb Diner is comfort all the way



The word foodie is actually passé; but what a really great word to describe a person who loves food and often knows a lot about it. I personally don’t know it all; but while skipping down the path of life, I am learning more and more each day.

A recent article in Creative Loafing was a follow-up to "Atlanta’s 100 Dishes to Eat before You Die". Local authors, food stylists and bloggers put a list of their favorite 100 dishes together ranging from breakfast to dinner as well as their favorite cocktails…..a virtual bucket list.

This article has prompted me to put my own list together. My husband and I work sometimes seven days a week and as empty nesters we do not have to hurry home to cook for any little ones. The big dinners I made for years are a thing of the past and it is too much trouble to grocery shop and then cook after working all day; hence, we eat out a great deal. I have collected quite a few favorite dishes from restaurants we have discovered and now frequent.

It is exciting to write about this first restaurant; because it is so good. It is actually known for comfort food and is called The West Cobb Diner. I mean it is truly some of the best comfort food I have ever eaten. Do not let the word “diner” throw you. It is not the traditional Greek diner you may know. It is owned and run by a husband who creates and cooks the menu and his adorable wife who makes the front of the house run smoothly and greets customers with a smile. The help is personable and seem to be very loyal to the owners. Every dish ever ordered has been excellent. I must tell you about our favorites. Here goes.

The peppered and thyme seasoned fried chicken breast offered with this amazing chutney on the side is moist, crisp and just delicious. The meatloaf and mashed potatoes are wonderful. The turkey and gravy is worth ordering even though it is not Thanksgiving. The fried shrimp is perfect and the shrimp taco is excellent and a huge portion. Order a side salad with a combo of ranch and tomato balsamic dressing. I mean it; don’t forget to mix these two dressings. They take a simple salad to another level.

The Diner offers specials every day and if you happen to go on a day they make the short rib burger it is a must. No condiment is necessary: no lettuce, no tomato, no mayo or mustard needed, just ground short rib and a tasty bun. A very special category is their numerous selections of vegetables. The broccoli casserole is probably, no definitely the best I've had. The tomato pie is amazing and the corn soufflé is wonderful. They offer so many vegetables; but I always stick to the same delicious choices. Menu choices are extensive and you could order a different dish every time you go; but as we have, you stick to your favorites over and over. Desserts are not my thing,; but the restaurant employs a pastry chef and the offerings look very good.

Finally, I must say how happy you will be when you get your check. The price is right! Big portions of great food and for an extremely fair price.

The West Cobb Diner is located at 3451 Barrett Pkwy, Marietta, GA 30064. The restaurant is open Monday – Saturday from, 11a.m. to 10p.m. and on Sunday from 11a.m. to 4p.m.

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