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'The Wedding Singer'

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The feeling that real life is fantasy, and that everyday simple things contain more love than fantasy.


By Julie D. Griffin

If it is for educational purposes. ~ Drew Barrymore

Robbie, inspired by the Cure sings about someone putting a bullet in his head and killing him please, after suffering from a bad relationship with a selfish person. Jewele spends most of her time going out on friendship escapades with Robbie, which more like dates not realizing the man she thought she was supposed to marry has other women in mind, as in a lot of other women. The two who enjoy the company of each other as best friends soon find out that compatibility means the feeling that real life is the fantasy and that everyday simple things contain more love than fantasy. At first, Jewele and Robbie joke around about being siblings with the Wedding Planner. Robbie only worried about obtaining enough gigs, he tells Jewele that with only four Jewish families in town he does not know if the way to financial freedom looks exactly yet paved. The wedding singer nearly crashes and after the human definition of nervous breakdown, which after a sour girlfriend whom uses him for everything she can and after dating a cast of others young enough to be her son behind his back, before Robbie (Romeo) finds true love with Drew Barrymore (Juliette) who fears her destiny to roam the planet alone forever ~ He has to return to the wedding dance floor after speaking with waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore) to save poor Boy George impersonator, actually Alexis Arquette, not as he the groom, but as he the wedding singer. After Julia whose boyfriend has had a consistent record of some five plus years of dragging out his marriage proposal, and Linda fleu de coope and on a bad note, and without explanation leaves Robbie standing at the altar, Julia and Robbie befriend each other. Besides as Julia soon finds out, she wants no part of no idolic white wedding day with her guy after he confesses to Robbie over drinks his ideal of vast and extensive womanizing via the vehicle of covert cheating. I don't want to marry you Robbie, I am in love with Robbie six years ago. She shuns him for not being the lead singer of some David Roth combo as opposed to his good and simple life of what he does. His five year old nephew could not have phrased it any better when she shows up the day after she stands him up from the wedding. "Your a bitch." Feigning turrets syndrome, and with Jeweles now boyfriend trying to avoid a real and large traditional wedding by just buying some cheap tickets to Vegas, everyday now singer Robbie who goes to bed for the next seeming eight months does not realize that everything happening, as well as neither does Jewele that all a great preparation for a different kind of a destiny just a path to lead to real lovers to a finer paradise.

The sweat lodge of dirt and grime, a boot camp of life, known as the wonderful world of dating, only the true love which survives the piranha who enter that ocean looking for job promotions, money, and advantage and everything save real love, the look of love which not the real thing lights no candle to the smut that happens on that path. The wedding singer soon to learn that Love Stinks really means that false love via lust or obsession with a person really does stink, sings the song as an opening at a client reception. Jewele who thought she was supposed to marry the expected social norm of her world, falls in love with who but no other than Robbie after she hires him to plan her wedding which graciously turns into a surprise wedding for her and Robbie at long last. Robbie saves Jewele from the man who cheating behind her back and womanizing the naive girl does not realize that the wealthy jet set man is a user and a fake, a man with a smooth line who only wants Jewele for her public relations finesse for some more selfish career moves, for who other than himself.

Adam Sandler portrays a small town man whose satisfaction with life and Drew Barrymore as Julia shows a whole lot of nothing wrong with being earthy and yourself. She is to kind and loving and a gentle butterfly across a soft flushed cheek as Sandler ever retains that innocent side of a boy as man image sustain. Another perfect film pair with acting duo wavelength so well matched, Barrymore and Sandler exhibit some quiet knowledge, which to revel with the wisdom of a real solid basis for life and living, the true meaning behind things, and as he portrays the way of a man to protect a woman, Barrymore shows us that a gentle female nurture does not reflect a weakness any more than getting married a flaw.


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